Sins of a Solar Empire

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment are happy to announce the release of v1.52 for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today.


Changes include:[]

Graphics []

  • Fixed Occupation planet mesh and texture to display as intended.

Gameplay []

  • All Envoy cruisers are now really 4 Fleet Supply (from 8).
  • All Envoy cruisers are now worth 4 XP when destroyed (from 8).
  • Fixed bug that would cause non-DLC owners to generate fewer planet bonuses than DLC owners.
  • Advent Rebels - Wail of the Sacrificed damage now correctly scales at level 2.
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - Added missing strings to in-game map creator for new planet types.
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - Fixed bug with Population not updating / reporting properly once a planet is specialized.
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - Added Allegiance to InfoCard system for planet bonuses which modify it.
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - 'Forbidden Worlds DLC' will now be displayed under the version string if owned.
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - Fixed bug related to galaxy generation and Ferrous planets not spawning.

Misc. []

  • Fixed in-game map creator so that the Forbidden Worlds DLC planet types are not selectable if the DLC isn't owned (was causing the game to hang).
  • Non-random maps will now properly select available planet types based on DLC ownership (varies per map and if the map called for a random planet type).
  • Forbidden Worlds DLC - Fixed broken string on Ferrous planet achievement (Drill Baby Drill).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to hang if someone tried to load a map or save game that used DLC when they didn't own the DLC pack. 
  • Reverted back to the ICO server as some users were not able to reach the new one.

1.52 Hotfix []

  • Fixed the in-game map editor bug where it was offsetting selections if you didn't own the DLC.

SoaSE Patch History[]

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SoaSE: Rebellion Patch History[]

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