Sins of a Solar Empire
Ability User: Coronata Titan
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy Planets.
Antimatter Cost: 200 -> 175
Cooldown Time: 300
Duration: 360 -> 480
Range: 4000
  • Cost reduction: 33% -> 66%

Target enemy planet is instantly brought under your control through the will of the Unity. Population remains unaffected, but planet health seems to decrease to a relatively small fraction of the maximum. Note that "duration" means the duration of the cost reduction; the planet remains yours indefinitely. (Though it can still be conquered normally unless protected by "auxiliary government" starbase upgrades.)

As of Patch 1.90, the ability can be used against artifact planets (previously it could not), but it remains unable to target capital planets. It is thus a viable (though potentially expensive) defense to designate a planet as your capital when you see a Coronata bearing down on it. Note that the AI never seems to do this.

Against Pirates[]

Repossession can also be used to relatively cheaply dispose of the Pirates: Because they never recolonize, all you need to do is jump your Coronata in, Repossess their base, and jump out. A level 6+ Coronata is tough enough to withstand the standard pirate defenses for the duration, even unescorted, without taking too much damage. The pirate defenders will likely destroy the colony (potentially giving you a temporary damage boost against pirates if you have Planet for a Planet), but it will no longer count as their base.

If you are playing in a single-star system, this will eliminate the Pirates as a faction. (I.e., raids will stop and TEC Rebels with Truce Among Rogues will no longer be able to use the Pirates as an active ally; though existing pirate ships and structures will remain until destroyed.) In multi-star systems (at least when using the Random map types and if pirates are not disabled), there is always one Pirate Base per star; you will need to destroy all of them to "defeat" the Pirates. Pirate bases are usually near the center of the system, making them relatively accessible.

This approach, while still much less convenient than the TEC's ability to nuke Pirate Bases with Novalith Cannons (or ally with the Pirates, if Rebel), is probably still simpler and less expensive than a direct assault.