An Iconus Guardian

An Iconus Guardian using Repulse

Official Description: A powerful telekinetic field is projected from this ship, pushing away and slowing the movement of all hostile ships within range. Maintaining the field drains antimatter over time.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Repulsion is the second, higher-tech ability of the Iconus Guardian. This ability is similar to the Skarovas Enforcer's Inertial Field or the Halcyon Carrier's Telekinetic Push but it also pushes enemy ships away sideways or even backwards. It requires five Temples of Hostility to research.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Repulsion is a very powerful ability which has ample utility. Defensively, this ability can be used to keep most enemy frigates and cruisers away from their targets, as well as stop anyone who would try to pursue your fleet when you retreat. Offensively, an Iconus Guardian can be placed in front of an enemy's retreat path and have Repulsion activated to knock the enemy back to your fleet.

Proper use of Repulsion can effectively negate fleets of Light Frigates, Corvettes or Heavy Cruisers, as these ships will not be able to come close enough to fire their weapons at anything near the repulsing Guardian. Even Capital Ships and Titans get pushed back, and Repulsion can be extremely effective in preventing them from escaping.

The only frigates that can out-range Repulsion are the TEC Javelis LRM and Vasari Kanrak Assailant, although these ships are extremely fragile in the face of the Advents' plentiful area-effect abilities, fighters, and corvettes.

A more reliable counter to Repulsion is the use of massed strikecraft from Squadron Support Cruisers, as fighters and bombers are not affected by the ability and can fly through it. The Vasari Orkulus Starbase can move and is also not affected by Repulsion. Additionally, all Titans can fire from beyond the range of Repulsion, and in particular, the TEC Rebels' Ragnarov Titan can use all of its abilities except for Scattershot from beyond Repulsion range. Finally, the Vasari can also counter Repulsion by using the Stilakus Subverter's Distortion Field to warp forward and disable repulsing Guardians.

Upgrade Level




Antimatter Cost Range Cooldown Duration
1 4.0 90 7500 20 30
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