Ability User: Phase Stabilizer
Ability Type: Active (Toggle)
Target: Self
Cost: Credits icon2500 Metal icon150 Crystal icon500
Cooldown Time: 600
Duration: Instant
Tooltip: Other remnants of the dark fleet are contacted and summoned, causing them to arive via Phase Stabilizers constructed by your empire.

Description Edit

As the ultimate abilty of the Vasari Empire Tree, Returning Armada allows you to summon a random assortment of ships to a Phase Stabilizer as long as you have open Fleet Supply. This ability requires eight Viturska Imperial Labs and prerequisite research of the Phase Stabilizer and Enhanced Tunneling.

The ability will summon ships to the edge of the gravity well of the planet the Stabilizer is in after 7 units of in-game time. At Level 1, it will summon 45-60 supply's worth of ships, and at Level 2 it will summon 75-90 supply's worth.

Ships that can be summoned are Kanrak Assailants/Skarovas Enforcers, Lasurak Transporters, Junsurak Sentinels, and Ravastra Skirmishers from most-to-least likely. (Assailants and Enforcers are equally likely.) RA will not summon Jikara Navigators, Jarun Migrators, Stilakus Subverters, Serevun Overseers, or any capital ship.

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