Advent Destra Crusader

Destra Crusader


The Destra Crusader with the passive effect of Ruthlessness researched.

The Unity's hostility is expressed as a palpable aura about the crusader. Causing it to deal damage to nearby enemy units and structures.


Ruthlessness is a passive ability that can be researched for the Destra Crusader, it requires seven Temples of Hostility and you must have already researched Crusader Design to use it. Its in-game description is "Grants the Ruthlessness ability to Destra Crusaders, allowing them to deal damage over time to nearby enemies." The ability does not stack. Although it can allow you to do 1.5 DPS to all enemy ships in the area, this is barely enough to overcome even passive shield regeneration.

This is the only heavy cruiser ability that directly causes damage, Intercept, Reintegration, and Inertial Field are all defensive or at least supportive offensively.


While usually ignored this upgrade is good as it will help a small amount against the regeneration effects of the enemy fleet. This ability goes into a more offensive-support aura then anything else. And it only requires one Destra to channel it. However, a handful of Destras benefits the fleet very well.

Upgrade Level

Damage per Second

Range Targets
1 25 3500 Enemy Frigates/Capital Ships/Starbases/Titans/Structures/Corvettes
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