Sabotage Reactor is an ability for the Cobalt Light Frigate, and its name parallels its function: when employed in a timely manner, this ability can be used to actively prevent units and structures with Antimatter from using those abilities, taking them out of the fight and damaging them without destroying them. It is perhaps most effective against abilities that are typically left to autocast. Employment tends to involve a great deal of micromanagement and some losses, as Cobalts are not particularly durable.

Game Description: Destabilizes the target with a bolt of energy, causing it to take damage when abilities are used. When such damage is taken, the target cannot use abilities for a brief time.


  • Cruisers are considered to be a type of frigate in all in-game text, so this ability does affect cruisers.
  • Can also target structures
  • Cannot target a unit or structure that does not have antimatter
  • Its stated duration is 10 seconds, but this is not completely explanatory. For 30 seconds, if the target frigate uses an ability, the ability is successfully cast, but the frigate takes damage and is then unable to use any additional ability for 10 more seconds.
Ship: Cobalt Light Frigate
Research Cost: 1000$ 150m 250c
Ability Type: Active
Target: Enemy, Single
Antimatter Cost: 25
Cooldown: 3
Range: 5000
Duration: 10
  • Damage: 100
  • Abilities Disabled

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