Sins of a Solar Empire
Shield Generator


Cost: Credits1000 Metal150 Crystal175
Build Time: 68 seconds.
Uses: 3 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 4000
Armor: 0
Antimatter: 300
Envelopes the planet in a powerful shield, protecting it from bombardment.
Shortcut: (T)

The Shield Generator is the TEC's tactical utility structure, equivalent to the Vasari Nano Weapon Jammer, or the Advent Temple of Renewal. The structure is capable of protecting planets from obliteration, which is always good for your empire's long term survival. Once constructed in a planet's gravity well, it envelops the planet in a "film" of sorts, that one can see if zoomed in. These powerful generators cannot hold out against any onslaught indefinitely, but can buy time to allow a friendly fleet to arrive. Adding multiple Shield Generators doesn't add more defense against planetary bombing, but they can serve as back-up generators in the event that one is destroyed.


  • Computer players will generally skip trying to destroy the Shield Generator, and go straight to bombarding the planet.
  • This is one of the few ways to defend a planet against the Novalith Cannon, making it useful against a TEC opponent.
  • Shield Generators will prevent population deaths as well as planet hit points.
  • Shield Generators can be built anywhere in the gravity well of a planet where normal construction is allowed.
  • The Shield Generator is easily destroyed. If you can't protect it, it probably won't do anything useful.
  • Initially, the Shield Generator absorbs 30% of planet bombing damage. With the research upgrades, this increases to 50% and 80% respectively.
  • Although the structure has an antimatter pool, it does not appear that it is ever used.


  • Build other defenses around a Shield Generator to protect it. If the generator itself is destroyed quickly, it's not going to do any good.
  • A Shield Generator doesn't stop bombardment, it only slows it down, so it's at best just going to buy you some time.
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