Ability User: Progenitor Mothership
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self and friendly units within the radius
Antimatter Cost: 100
Cooldown Time: 20
Duration: 8
  • 3000 -> 3500 -> 4000
  • 3000 -> 3533 -> 4067 -> 4600 for Rebellion
  • Shields restored /sec: 37.5 -> 50.0 -> 62.5
  • 37.5 -> 48.96 -> 60.42 -> 71.88 for Rebellion

Regenerates the shields of nearby friendly targets over time. Extracted from the game.

The total shield restored to each target by this ability is 300 -> 400 -> 500 for the pre-Rebellion game. Note that this an aura projection; If a ship leaves the range of the aura while the buff is ongoing, its shield regeneration stops early.

This ability operates best when combined with the Iconus Guardian using its Shield Projection ability. By using multiple Guardians, damage will be split evenly between them, allowing this ability to easily keep all their shields at high levels. With a sufficiently advanced fleet, this can make Advent nearly impervious to conventional attacks. The weakness is that Advent units must stay close together so they are all in range of of the Mothership's shield regeneration ability. Vasari units can also bypass this combo entirely by using phase missiles to attack the hull of their target directly. The TEC, however, have no real answer to this ability and will need to outnumber late-game Advent fleets to succeed against it.

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