Ability User: Dunov Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active Passive
Target: Targets friendly capital ships, frigates and structures. Must be not self, and must have taken shield damage.
Antimatter Cost: 65
Cooldown Time: 11
Duration: N/A
Range: 6000
  • Shield Points: 250 -> 500 -> 750 [250 > 455 > 660 > 865]

Note: Bracketed values for Rebellion (updated for v1.94)

Instantly restores shield points to a friendly target. Extracted from the game.

This ability cannot be used to target the Dunov itself. Because the Dunov is the most fragile TEC capital ship to begin with, the cruel irony is that it's usually the capital ship that most needs its shields restored. As a result, the Dunov is usually best built in pairs, but it's very rare that you can afford to invest in two Dunovs, since they fulfill a relatively niche role to begin with.

Development[edit | edit source]

In patch 1.1, this ability was changed from 350 -> 700 -> 1050 shields restored, but had its antimatter cost reduced from 90 down to 65 and its cooldown from 16 down to 11. This means it could be used on frigates and cruisers without grossly overflowing their maximum shields and putting most of its benefit to waste.

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