Siege Frigates are used to bombard planets, killing population, damaging the planet infrastructure and eventually wiping out the colony entirely. Siege frigates are not effective against other ships and need to be properly escorted to be effective. All Capital Ships are capable of bombarding planets like siege frigates.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Armor: Light (200% damage from Scout Frigates and Fighters; 75% damage from Light Frigates, Siege Frigates, and Support Cruisers; 50% damage from Bombers; 75% damage from Capital Ships; full damage from everything else)
  • Damage: Anti-Heavy (75% damage to Siege Frigates, Assault Frigates, Colonization Frigates, and Construction Frigates; 125% damage against Support Cruisers, Light Carriers, and Anti-Strike Craft Frigates; and full damage to everything else)

TEC[edit | edit source]

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Advent[edit | edit source]

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Vasari[edit | edit source]

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Pirates[edit | edit source]

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