Open the Gameplay.constants file Edit

This will allow you to change various diplomatic variables and relationship thresholds for treaties and missions for any of the 3 Sins versions.

The Gameplay.constants file you need to access for this is located in <Installation Folder>/GameInfo

So if you want to change the values for vanilla Sins, look for the file in gameinfo folder in the root Sins directory, such as:

C:\Program Files\Stardock Games\Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity\GameInfo

If you want to change the values for gameplay in Entrenchment or Diplomacy, use the Gameplay.constants file in their respective folders, for example:

C:\Program Files\Stardock Games\Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity\Entrenchment\GameInfo\Gameplay.constants

C:\Program Files\Stardock Games\Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity\Diplomacy\GameInfo\Gameplay.constants

Locate the Diplomacy Constants Edit

Now that you're inside the file you want, search for the string "playerDiplomacyAIDef"

Treaty Thresholds Edit

These are the default values set for vanilla Sins and Entrenchment. The default numbers in Diplomacy are slightly different.

Entry Purpose Default
offerOrAcceptTreatyHappinessThreshold:Trade AI will accept & offer Trade treaty 0.25
offerOrAcceptTreatyHappinessThreshold:ExternalVision AI will accept & offer Ship Vision treaty 0.80
offerOrAcceptTreatyHappinessThreshold:InternalVision AI will accept & offer Planetary Vision treaty 0.95
offerOrAcceptTreatyHappinessThreshold:CeaseFire AI will accept & offer Cease Fire treaty .50
offerOrAcceptTreatyHappinessThreshold:PeaceTreaty AI will accept & offer Peace Treaty .90
breakTreatyHappinessThreshold:Trade AI Breaks trade treaty 0.10
breakTreatyHappinessThreshold:ExternalVision AI Breaks Ship Vision treaty 0.50
breakTreatyHappinessThreshold:InternalVision AI Breaks Planetary Vision treaty 0.75
breakTreatyHappinessThreshold:CeaseFire AI Breaks Cease Fire treaty .25
breakTreatyHappinessThreshold:PeaceTreaty AI Breaks Peace Treaty .75

Timing Values (AI Treaty Offers & Missions) Edit

Entry Purpose Default Value
timeBetweenTreatyOffers Frequency at which the AI will offer treaties. The player can offer treaties at any time.

Value is time is in seconds.

timeBetweenQuests Frequency at which the AI can create Missions.

Value is time is in seconds.

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