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Sivuskras Ruiner


Cost: Credits icon450 Metal icon110 Crystal icon100
Build Time: 34 seconds.
Uses: 7 supply.
Hull: 700
Repair: 1
Shields: 350
Regeneration: 0.5
Max Mitigation: 60%
Experience value: 14
Strong vs. none
A supporting cruiser able to lay specialized mines for crippling the enemy.
Shortcut: (T)

The Sivuskras Ruiner is the Vasari's Minelayer Cruiser added in Entrenchment.

Official Description: While other races rely on constructor ships or drones to deploy spatial charges, the Vasari have a dedicated vessel for this task in the Sivuskras Ruiner. The mobility of Ruiner allows the Vasari to deploy minefields on any world - which can be a nasty surprise for unaware enemies jumping into a gravity well.


The Sivuskras Ruiner is an odd ship - it doesn't directly attack, but instead acts as a minelayer for the Vasari. If upgraded, it can lay down Gravity Mines, which home in on their target - once they detonate, the enemy is unable to escape for a considerable period. The basic Explosive Mines, however, work much like the TEC's Proximity Mine Field or the Advent's Homing Mines, which deploy from Homing Mine Squadrons - once an enemy comes near, they blow up and deal damage.


  • The Sivuskras Ruiner makes it so that the Vasari can place mines anywhere, even in enemy territory! It still costs money to deploy the mines, and there's a brief period in which they can be attacked.
  • A vicious strategy is to combine the Sivuskras Ruiner with the Kostura Cannon or Stilakus Subverter. The Kostura or Subverter can stun enemy forces temporarily, preventing them from attacking. Use this to quickly lay mines around them. The enemy will be helpless to do anything and their entire fleet may be destroyed as a result.
  • Fighters and bombers can destroy mines somewhat easily. You can use a Kortul Devastator with jam weapons to protect the mines while they arm, but you'll need to keep scouts away or they could be uncloaked again.
  • If the enemy is lining up to jump and you have a minelayer nearby where they will arrive, you can leave a little present for them.
  • Remember that mines do not affect friendly units. If you need to retreat injured units, run them into a friendly minefield.
  • When attacking large groups of militia - such as the pirate base - they will often ignore minelayers to attack other units. You can create a minefield off in the corner of the gravity well, wait for the mines to arm, then lure the militia into range, destroying them easily.

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