Ability User : Ragnarov Titan

Ability type : Active

Antimatter cost: 70

Cooldown time: 11 -> 10 -> 9 -> 8

Range: 18000

If user does not have Overcharge:

Damage: 1200 -> 1600 ->2200 -> 2600

If user has Overcharge:

Damage: 2400 -> 3200 -> 4400 -> 5200

The Titan fires an extremely powerful, long-range shell, dealing massive damage to a single target.

Snipe is one of the abilities you can have for the Ragnarov Titan. It deals 1200 damage without Overcharge, and deals 2400 damage with Overcharge (Level 1). You can upgrade Snipe to deal 400 more damage to the damage already dealt. Snipe only affects a single target, so don't waste it on something small; hit a Titan, Capital Ship, or starbase. When paired with Magnetic Containment upgrade it becomes even more deadly. Due to the rapid cool down, a relatively well stocked titan can use it consistently to quickly take out your capital ships and defenses and even starbases if needed. Snipe's range makes it excellent for dealing with Hangar Defenses and defense platforms from a safe distance without risk of damage.

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