Sins of a Solar Empire
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Talion Savior

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Cost: Credits2000 Metal350 Crystal250
Build Time: 25 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 1100
Repair: 2
Shields: 425
Regeneration: 1
Max Mitigation: 60%
Experience value: 30
Strong vs. none
A deep space construction cruiser able to establish a star base in distant gravity wells.
Shortcut: (T)

The Talion Savior is the Advent's Starbase Construction Cruiser that constructs the Transcencia Star Base in the Entrenchment micro-expansion. Like the TEC's Raloz Heavy Constructor, the Talion Savior a space-borne brick, however, the structure it can become is a foe that you hopefully never have to go up against.


The Talion itself costs Credits1000, Metal100, and Crystal125 to construct a Transcencia. In total, you'll need Credits3000, Metal450, and Crystal375 in order to create a Star Base. The Talion is consumed upon completion of the starbase. You can only place one Starbase per planet. You can place four starbases around a star.


The Starbase is one of the most important buildings to have so placement is key. In general a Starbase that was intended as a defensive structure should be placed close to the planet, and around logistic structures(So keep in mind where you place your Logistic Structures). Placing the Starbase close to the planet forces the enemy to have less places to bombard the surface from. And placing your Starbase near the Logistic Structure ensures the enemy will not attempt to snipe your structures.

Using the Transcenia as an economical starbase is unadvised merely because you can only get one point in Trade Ports and Induced Reverence is very expensive. However, should you come across a Dead Asteroid or a Plasma Storm it is viable to place them here to continue a cut off Trade Route.

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