The Understanding Tree is the diplomatic research tree for the Advent.

Persuasive Offers, Induced Leniency, and Allure of the Unity were originally from the Harmony Tree.



Name Temples of Harmony Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Persuasive Offers1Increases bounty bought by 12.5%.400/0/25
Persuasive Offer
Voice of the Unity1Gives plus 1 to relationship bonus.400/0/25VOTU
Herald Design2Unlocks Herald Envoy600/50/100HeraldEnvoyButton
Vendetta2Grants the the ability to offer missions to other factions.600/50/100Vendetta
Call of the Unity2Voice of the UnityGive an additional plus 1.00 to relationship bonus.600/50/100COTU
Cultural Assistance3Herald DesignUnlocks Cultural Assistance800/100/175CulturalAssistance-button
Overtures3VendettaYou can to offer resource to other factions.800/100/175Overtures
Emissary Donations3OverturesMax relationship from resources increase.800/100/175
Song of the Unity3Call of the UnityGive an additional plus 1 to relationship bonus.800/100/175SOTU
Harmony4Cultural AssistanceUnlocks Harmony1000/150/250Harmony-button
Inspired Wrath4Emissary DonationsAllows you to offer missions to pirate factions.1000/150/250InspiredWrath
Research Pact4Increases research speed and decreases cost with pact.1000/150/250ResearchPact
Culture Pact5Research PactImproves culture production, allegiance of factions with pact.1200/200/325CulturePact
Induced Leniency5Increases time to complete missions. Decreases loss %1200/200/325
Antimatter Pact6Culture PactImproves antimatter cap and antimatter regen with pact.1400/250/400AntimatterPact
Anima Pact6Culture PactIncreases number of strike craft per squadron with pacts1400/250/400AnimaPact
Cultural Integrity6HarmonyUnlocks Cultural Integrity1400/250/400CulturalIntegrity-button
Truth and Reconciliation7Removes the racial relations penalty.1600/300/475TruthandRec
Beam Pact7Antimatter PactImproves the power of beam weapons with pacts.1600/300/475Beam Pact
Allure of the Unity8Increases Maximum planetary allegiance by 5%.1800/350/550
Shield Pact8Anima PactImproves shields, mitigation, and regen with pacts.1800/350/550ShieldPact
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