About Darvin[edit | edit source]

I'm an avid RTS gamer with a penchent for detailed and deep games like Sins of a Solar Empire. I've spent the past year honing my knowledge about this game, and have become a well-known player in online circles as well as a helpful figure around the forums. I recently noticed that many articles on the SoaSE wiki were out of date, inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise in need of some maintenance, and have come to lend a hand.

I have over a hundred multiplayer matches under my belt, many with some of the best players around. I've seen some of the most brutal strategies, and know quite a few tricks to counter them.

Some Recent Work[edit | edit source]

I've recently done some work on the following pages:

Strategies - this page was a complete mess; overly opinioned, many sections getting their facts wrong, and generally poorly written. I completely reformatted and rewrote the article.

Planetary Improvements - added tables containing a breakdown of the benefits and costs of these improvements on each type of planet.

Vulkoras Desolator - seriously, the article was devoid of any meaningful details. I wrote a full description of this capital ship's role and how to use it effectively.

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